(an initiative of Dr.Rachna’s Family Clinic)
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About Medfit

Medfit is a team of qualified doctors, technicians and nursing staffs, consists male & female

Medfit Physicians   Medfit ENT Surgeons
Medfit Dentists Medfit Psychiatrists
Medfit Orthopedician Medfit Skin Specialists
Medfit Surgeons Medfit Occupational and Physiotherapists
Medfit Ophthalmologists Medfit Audiologists
Medfit Speech Therapists Medfit Radiologists
Medfit Pathologists Medfit Microbiologists
Medfit Biochemists Medfit Cardiologists
Medfit Pediatrician Medfit Gynecologists
Medfit Endocrinologists Medfit Dieticians
Medfit Oncologists’ etcetera    

Who tends to serve you under an umbrella destination to save you from the hassles of getting confused to reach on to the correct place during emergency or else. Also we provide you consultancy to move in the true direction to get served according to your need, for the reason that we have witnessed several cases, where patients falls in dilemma for being incapable to choose right destination for their need.

Medfit also helps you to choose tailor made services according to your need to avoid delay in diagnosis and treatment over and above excessive expenditure. In the course of making the treatment procedure easier for you, Medfit tries to provide possible services on your doorstep and use of electronic gadgets to deliver reports all around our sphere swiftly.

Normally we render following Services:

Medical Consultation
Emergency Medical Services
a)  In House Consultation
b)  Visits
c)  Electronic Report Assessment
d)  Telephonic Conversation with Facilitating
e)  Medical Consultation during Events etcetera

a)  For Guests of the hotels
b)  For Film Shooting Units
c)  For Malls and Amusement Parks
d)  For Events etcetera

Lab Services
Immunization Program
a)  Pathology_ Routine Investigations
b)  Pathology_ Special Investigations
c)  ECG
d)  EEG
e)  X Ray
f)  CT Scan
g)  MRI
h)  Pet CT
i)  Doppler
j)  Ultrasound
k)  Stress Echo & TMT
l)  Fetal Heart Monitor etcetera
  a)  For Adults
b)  For Children